About us :) =)

Our names are Florian and Sebastian.
We are a fashion photo- & videographers Duo.

Based between Germany and Everywhere, we have been working for a variety of prolific clients.

It is beauty we believe in. We devote our esthetic intuition and our personal vision to the pursuit of visual beauty.

Artistic quality and visual pleasure are the guiding principles of our photography and video productions. For us it has proved invaluably productive to work as a photographers duo, as we serve as constant inspirations to each other, and this potentiates our artistic capabilities and leads to an efficient division of tasks in our daily work flow.

It is always hard to assess yourself. We believe what clients like about our work is our feel for aesthetic quality, our professionalism, our efficent time management, and last but not least our easygoing nature. We are good at what we do. And we love what we do. So we have fun doing it. And beware, that fun is contagious :-) =)

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Kapturing Hildebrandt & Prince GbR
Seilerstrasse 48
20359 Hamburg, Germany

Say: hello@kapturing.com
mobile: +49 176 965 808 96

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VAT : DE305474866

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